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The 7 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Starting A New Niche Site

By Chris Lee 113 comments

monoflat_icons_173January… it’s that time of year when people are extra passionate about new beginnings.

For a lot of you, this might mean venturing into a new niche site project.

In this post I want to share some tips with you on how to get started and how to avoid some very common (and crucial) mistakes.

Deciding to start a new niche site is exciting! I still get hyped up whenever I decide to enter a new niche.

The possibility of growing something from scratch, dominating a new niche, and building upon my monthly income hopefully a significant amount is an exciting feeling.

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A Step-By-Step Formula To Boost Traffic Using A Viral Content Strategy

By Chris Lee 69 comments

monoflat_icons_94Creating a content strategy is one of the most challenging parts of growing a niche site.

This is especially true for new sites.

Usually, the initial plan will involve digging through your keyword tool for good opportunities, and then creating articles optimized around those keyword.

But what if we can create a new category of content on our site at the same time? Instead of just extensive articles built to rank in search engines, what if we can pinpoint the exact type of content that are proven to be most popular in our niche?

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you exactly how to research, create, and promote this kind of viral content using a strategic plan.

Follow these steps and you can add a new strategy to your arsenal and really boost your site’s traffic.

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A Simple Trick To Discover Thousands Of Profitable Keywords Your Competitors Will Never Know About

By Chris Lee 54 comments

google suggestI do most of my keyword research directly through Google’s Keyword Planner.

It’s my main go-to tool for doing niche and keyword research.

But recently, I’ve been using to a nifty little tool that essentially finds thousands of keywords that a normal keyword tool would never show you.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can use it to find undiscovered keywords your competitors will never know about.

Interested? Keep reading.

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How You Can Copy Wikipedia’s On-Site SEO For More Traffic And Higher Rankings

By Chris Lee 56 comments

wikipedia seoAh, Wikipedia.

Every SEO’s most frequently encountered competitor.

With 26 million first page rankings (half of that in the top 3 positions), you’ve probably battled them for the top spot at one point or another.

Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird knocked out even the strongest SEO’s. But Wikipedia has stood strong through each Google update, and continues to dominate the SERP’s today.

It’s not just about links. Even sites like eHow and WikiHow had a ton of strong links, and they got hit pretty hard.

Though Wikipedia’s link profile is pretty much impossible to match, there’s a lot we can learn (and copy) from their on-site SEO.

Here’s what they’re doing right, and what you should learn and implement into your own sites.

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Changing Web Hosts: Look What Happened When I Switched To Traffic Planet (WPX Hosting)

By Chris Lee 51 comments

traffic planet hosting reviewEDIT: Traffic Planet has rebranded, and is now called WPX Hosting.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about how I improved my site speed by over 300%.

I was able to take my page load speed from 9.15s to 1.98s with only about 10 minutes of work, and I showed how you can do the same thing here.

Since writing that post, I’ve decided to try and take things further.

RankXL has always been hosted on my Bluehost shared hosting account, which isn’t known for being the fastest hosting plan, but is a popular option to start out with since it’s cheap.

A few days ago, I decided to try moving to a higher quality hosting solution.

RankXL now loads in under a second.

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