How To Build a Highly Profitable, High Traffic Niche Site

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Hi, I’m Chris Lee, the founder of RankXL.

In the past few years, I went from knowing nothing about SEO to working as a freelance SEO consultant, then full-time at an SEO agency, and now I work from home building and growing my own sites getting results like this:

In the past year, people have also used my training to grow their sites, quit their jobs, and even land 6-figure SEO contracts.

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Get 7 value-packed training lessons. This course will take you through the most critical parts of growing a profitable niche site with SEO.

Welcome & Introduction
Day 1
How I scale content sites to 100k visitors per month
Day 2
The Content Formula That Works In Any Niche
Day 3
How To Find Profitable Niche Ideas
Day 4
5 Things To Do That Increases Your Rankings Fast
Day 5
How Do You Build Traffic Quickly?
Day 6
The Actual Reason Most Sites Fail Within 12 Months
Day 7
The Next Steps To Turning Content Sites Into A Full-Time Income

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