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A Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Up Your Very First Niche Authority Site

By Chris Lee Leave a comment

monoflat_icons_47What are niche sites? How do you set them up?

This mega guide is for the absolute beginner just starting out with niche sites.

You’ll learn what niche sites are, why they exist, how they make money, and how to set one up.

Follow along, and by the end you’ll have your niche selected, and your site live on the web.

Let’s dive in!

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The Main Differences Between a Blog And a Niche Site

By Chris Lee 68 comments

monoflat_icons_199If you read through my blogposts, you’ll notice that sometimes I refer to sites as blogs and sometimes I refer to them as niche sites.

The question I’ve been receiving quite often lately is, “What’s the difference?”

Well, there really isn’t any difference. A blog is a niche site. A niche site can be called a blog. A niche site can also be called an authority site. A blog can also be called an authority site.

Meaning there’s no difference between them besides what you choose to call them.

But for me, there’s a reason why I call some sites blogs and some sites niche sites.

This is purely based on my own way of thinking, but I’m pretty confident that you’re going to agree with my reasons why.

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How RankXL Got Me a Deal with Schwarzenegger’s Team, Plus Business Worth $100,000+

By Chris Lee 32 comments

This post is written by Rob Palmer, one of my top students from The Niche Site Course.

This is the story of how I turned an investment of a few hundred dollars into over $100,000 of consultancy work – and got to work with one of the most famous people in the world as a result.

Before I get into the story, though, let me make it clear that I have no connection to Chris or RankXL except as a satisfied customer.

This is what happened…

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How To Get Powerful Backlinks From Sites That Seem Impossible To Build Links On

By Chris Lee 102 comments

monoflat_icons_124If you’re an SEO, you know that it’s almost impossible to get links on these types of websites:

  • EDU sites
  • Career sites and job boards
  • Government sites
  • Organizations
  • Leagues
  • Associations
  • Websites of big companies and corporations

They usually have massive link profiles, and getting a single link can really affect your site’s search traffic.

But it’s seemingly impossible to consistently get links from these kinds of sites, especially for free.

They have a lot of gatekeepers, there aren’t many link building opportunities, and they are very careful about who they link out to.

Well recently, I’ve been trying out something new, and it’s been working like gangbusters 🙂

And today, I’m going to do a quick write-up to teach you exactly how you can copy it for your own sites.


Let’s dive in!

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The Best WordPress Plugins and Software Tools For Creating An Online Course

By Chris Lee 36 comments

course-creation-guideI’ve been getting a lot of questions on what tools I used to build my online course. So I decided that I’m going to share that with you here.

Interested in building your first online course?

For me, building an online course for the first time was kind of like setting up my first blog on WordPress.

It was a whole new technical learning curve.

I had never created an online course before, and had no idea behind how much work it was going to take.

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