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The Best, Highest Paying Niche For AdSense Gets An Insanely High CTR

By Chris Lee 147 comments

monoflat_icons_139Today, I want to give you a niche idea. But not just any niche idea … it’s one of the best, most profitable niches for Adsense if you can build a high traffic site around it.

I realize that a lot of people have trouble with niche selection, so I hope this will allow you to think outside of the box to expand upon your current niche selection strategy.

I have had 2 sites of my own in this niche category and they perform extremely well with Adsense.

I’m going to go through what it is and reveal some tips on how you can build one of your own below.

What’s the niche?

The niche idea I’m talking about is downloads.

Download websites get a HUGE CTR… multiple times higher than general information websites.

Here’s why

The majority of websites fall under two categories: consume and click.

Websites in the consume category are purely informational. They provide information about topics the reader is looking for.

Visitors to the site are looking to consume. They’re not really in the mindset of clicking anything.

But with the click category…

Almost every visitor who lands on your site comes with the intention of clicking something.

The result? A huge increase in CTR, which results in a higher RPM.

The reason it works

The reason it works so well is psychological.

Because the reader lands on the site ready to click something, your ads become much more visible to them.


Websites in the consume category have to fight banner ad blindness.

Readers skip over ads and don’t even pay attention to them. Their eyes are fixated on the blocks of text and images.

BUT… download sites don’t have banner blindness. Readers who land on websites in the click category are actively looking for something to click.

Rather than blocks of text, they’re looking for LINKS and BUTTONS.

Rather than scroll past the ads, they’re looking for them to see if they’re the download button or not.

IMPORTANT: That doesn’t mean we’re tricking people into clicking…

Download sites have been very profitable for me. They consistently get over 20% CTR.

General information-based websites get between 1-5% CTR on average.

So you might be wondering… are these accidental clicks?

The thing you have to realize about creating a download website is that there is a higher chance for accidental clicks.

Therefore, I take extra pre-cautions on these sites so I don’t get into any trouble.

For instance, while I usually don’t do this for my sites in the consume category, my download sites will have a small “advertisement” caption above the ad.

advertisement banner

This is to prevent accidental clicks, and so that a manual reviewer from the Adsense team won’t flag it as a violation of their policies.

Even doing this though, it still gets that amazing CTR.

It’s not because you’re tricking them into clicking.

It’s because of the mindset people are in when they land on your site… the mindset of looking for something to click.

Increase your CTR instantly by using the Newspaper WP Theme, the highest converting Adsense WP theme I’ve ever used.

How to start your own download site

If you want to create your own download site, you have to remember 3 general rules…

1. You need to make sure that the material you are providing for download is not copyrighted.

Don’t go out and start torrenting movies and tv shows and offering them as a download on your site. That’s a quick way to get yourself in a whole bunch of legal trouble.

Whatever you choose to offer, make sure they’re allowed to be distributed.

Do your research beforehand, and use your common sense.

2. Make sure that you actually have the proper download link.

I’ve seen this on many of my competitors’ download sites. They don’t even have the download available.

All they’re looking for is to get the visitor to click on their Adsense ads. These sites aren’t up for very long.

Make sure you actually have the correct download on your site.

3. You don’t need to host the file.

Remember that you don’t need to host the file on your own site.

You can just make the download link go to another website that has the download file available.

This is good if you already found a good source for the downloads and don’t necessarily want to host everything yourself and eat up your server space.

What type of download site should I make?

This is where you need to get creative. There are so many options available.

Just remember the 3 points above and do your research. You should find some good ideas.

Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing:

Desktop apps
Mobile apps
Desktop software
Children’s activities
Instructional papers
Sheet music

Long-tail keywords are KEY for these types of sites:

Most of the keywords for download sites will consists of 1 or 2 main keywords with high search volume, and then hundreds or even thousands of smaller ones.

Often, you can grow a very profitable download site without ever having to rank for the main big keywords.

It’s all about the long-tail (the specific downloads).

The best tool to find keywords in the “downloads” category of niches is Keyword Snatcher. It gives you the specific search terms that people are making in real-time, which is so important for topics like these.

Let’s take a look at a sample niche: Free books

A quick look through the search volume for keywords based around downloading free books

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 3.17.18 PM

Those are all similar phrased keywords and we can rank for all of them with one page with the correct page set up.

Add all of them up and you get over 75,000 searches… and that’s just using the few big ones on page 1-2 of the results it brought back.

Add up all of them and it should be closer to 100,000.

So there’s our main keyword right now. That’s pretty awesome for the downloads niche because, again, CTR is extremely high for such sites so we can expect our RPM to be much higher than it would be for an informational based site.

On top of that, CPC looks to be pretty decent too.

The inner pages

Now this is where it gets exciting: The inner pages.

The long-tail keywords here are key because most people get very specific when searching for downloads.

What I would do is build out the page targeting the main keyword and leave it as the main page of the site.

From there, I would look for every book available that’s free and create separate pages for them.

People search for downloads by name of book, or product, or whatever it is your site is offering.

These can add up to some pretty heavy search traffic from long-tail keywords IN ADDITION TO the big keyword that we’re targeting with our main page.


Creating a download site is fun because you can really use your creativity to drive traffic to your site.

Instead of just throwing up a bunch of random 1000-word articles on your site, every page you put up is targeting a specific keyword and driving traffic through search.

Categories work really well with download sites because people search for them pretty heavily as well (in most niches).

For instances, “free childrens books” or “download free recipe books” or “download free romance novels” … the list is really endless.

They will all drive more traffic to your site.

Another example niche for example’s sake

Let’s go through another example.

Another niche you can make as a download site is piano sheet music.

Let’s quickly look through some keywords to get an idea of their search volumes.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 6.12.02 PM

These are the two big ones I found from about 10 seconds sifting through the list.

Add up all the similar phrase keywords, and this could very well be a 100,000 search volume keyword.

Again, the inner pages are key here

Although people search for sheet music downloads often, the combination of people looking for specific songs will add up to be so much more in the long run.

And with Piano sheet music, they’re even more relevant than free book titles.

For instance, people will search for “Titanic sheet music” or “Interstellar theme piano sheet music” and so on.

The list is endless here because of the sheer number of songs out there.

Also, as new movies, tv shows, and songs come out, people will be searching for their sheet music as well.

Use your creativity to target keywords and boost traffic

A little trick here for when you build your site and gain authority…

Sometimes, the download WON’T be available for the public. It just won’t exist or you won’t have it yet.

BUT… you might notice that it’s a pretty hot search right now based off of current events.

If you do… you can build and optimize a page around it to pull all the traffic to your own site.

On it, you can simply put in an email opt-in that says it’s not available yet but you’re working on it. If they enter their email you’ll update them when it’s out.

It doesn’t have to be an email opt-in, you can provide links to other pages on your site saying, “It’s not available yet and we’re working on getting it, but here are some related ones for you to check out in the mean time.”

More traffic, more page views, more clicks.

Use your imagination here. For a lot of these download sites, current events will drive the majority of the searches.


If you’re still stuck on selecting a niche for your next website, consider going into the downloads niche.

It is one of the best and most profitable niches for Adsense.

Getting to $100/day with Adsense is all about traffic and converting clicks on your site.

With a download site, you can get there with far less traffic because of the high CTR you’ll get on your site.

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  • Reply Brad

    Great info! ~ also having a target audience over 40 years old is great for CTR.
    As older generations – they click on everything….LOL.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Haha nice tip, Brad.

    • Reply Narerit

      That’s the great idae Haha…

    • Reply Patric

      Cant stop me from replying .. LOL … good catch.

  • Reply rizal

    Nice idea chris!its what i never think before.thank for idea chris.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks for reading, Rizal.

  • Reply rnovino

    Of all the Adsense tips,guides and tutorials sites I have read for a few years now this Is I think one of the best tips and unique information I have read , great job will apply this to some of my websites πŸ™‚

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks, Rnovino! Really glad to hear that.

  • Reply Theo

    That’s a nice article Chris but then, I was wondering how you gets the downloads, do you have a good source where you gathers the information or you just write the ones similar sites have written and then link back to them?

    One more question please. I’m thinking of creating a site in the health niche but, I don’t know if it will land me into trouble owing to the fact that I’m not a certified expert in the field, what’s your thoughts on this?



    • Reply Chris Lee

      Hey Theo. Sources are something you’ll have to look into. You can link back to them or host the files yourself depending on what’s available.

      Depends on what kind of health information you’re giving, but that’s one area I avoid getting into unless you can provide expert, credible advice since people’s lives can be affected by what you put out.

  • Reply Amit Mozar

    Chris ….. You are ROCK STAR !!!!

    This is one of the best page with bunch of ideas. I already have an idea for Downloads section. Will work on that immediately.

    Again, a huge thanks bro …. πŸ™‚

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks, Amit πŸ™‚

  • Reply michael

    Great article. I did a search on google to see if anyone else talked about how to build a download site and nothing came up.

    Can you give some examples or at least email me with some examples of download site that I could replicate.

    When I say replicate, I’m not saying copy exactly. I’m just looking for some good examples on how the site is set up.


    • Reply Chris Lee

      Hey Michael, if you do a search for some of the example niches I listed above, you should find plenty of examples to look through.

  • Reply Steve

    Thanks Chris.. Great Idea. Love all the free content you post πŸ™‚

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks, Steve!

  • Reply Faye

    This is very helpful and clear. Adsense has always kind of puzzled me but I eventually figured out that you’ve got to have great and consistent traffic to make it work. I think I’ve made, like, $25 in the 5 years I’ve used it. The psychology behind using it specifically for click websites makes sense. Thank you, Chris.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Cool. Thanks for reading, Faye.

  • Reply Steve

    Hi Chris,

    Question : with a new website how many months should you wait before installing a adsense code on it?
    I generally wait three months after I setup the home pages and main menu and content pages. Is this long enough ?

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Hey Steve, I typically just install it right away.

      Either way is fine, but I do a lot of link building in the beginning that drives a lot of referral traffic so I just put them in there to start monetizing right away.

  • Reply ismail

    Wow, what a great article with tons of information. This is the first time i am reading your article and feeling myself lucky. Of course internet contains tons of information however only few of them are worthy of your time and your’s is one of them. Kudos to you..

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks, Ismail πŸ™‚

  • Reply Chris

    Chris, this is a great article. I have a few sites and I also notice that some do much better depending on the niche. For example, I have a site that is mainly viral pictures… and the click thru rate is less than 1%. Then I have another one that is more informational, but gets around a 10% CTR.

    It really is interesting to see how different these CTR’s work according to the niche.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks, Chris.

      10% is awesome!

  • Reply kafei

    Thank you for your great articles, Chris.
    I have a site about health and beauty for one and a half years, and now at the verge of give up. but after reading your posts, i inspired by them.
    After reading these articles, i will do this for gaining traffic :
    combining a bunch of related keywords ( ie: kitchen designs) of big volume search in an long article. then put it on the homepage, in the “Top posts” at the right sidebar, then i make backlink for this page, right?
    i have a question now, if i make backlink of this article page or the homepage (this article on the homepage)?

    • Reply Chris Lee

      I think you meant to comment on a different post haha.

      Yeah that sounds right. The link goes to the page URL.

  • Reply Paul

    Terrific tip, Chris. I have a concern about content, though. For creating the main pages, I can see it would be easy to write 500- 100 words, but for the long-tail pages, not so much.

    For example, for a sheet music download site, how many words could you write for a page targeting “free Smoke on the Water guitar sheet music download”?

    Is there a minimum number of words you would recommend to write in order to comply with Adsense TOS, and be able to rank with SEO?

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Hey Paul, yeah not everything needs to be 1000 words for SEO. 300-500 words wouldn’t be too difficult to write, though.

      There isn’t a minimum that you need to comply with Adsense TOS.

      There are some essential information that would fit there such as title, composer, artist, date released, where it’s from, and any other information that would be helpful.

  • Reply Kevin

    That’s a great blog post Chris, thank you. I can see how it could be successful. The only thing that puzzles me is how to write good, solid articles around downloads that would entice people to stay on your site longer & ultimately, click on the adsense ads. I know it has to be top quality content in google’s eyes these days.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Cool, thanks for reading Kevin.

      The specific downloads is going to be difficult to create great content for. The great content is really the download that is available on the page. Most download sites have next to zero content on their download pages. This is an area where you can one up them and add in 300-500 words about the specific download.

      • Reply Kevin

        Thanks for the reply Chris.

        So, for example, if I was providing a link to download a new movie, would it be a good idea to write an article around the actors in the movie or for a music download, write a quality article around the singer/group?

        • Reply Chris Lee

          Yeah, that’s a good idea.

  • Reply Steve

    Hi Chris,

    I am researching two different types of free ebook download sites to setup:
    1. WordPress with shopping cart – 1000 + free PLR ebooks
    2. Mega Download of 1000 free PLR ebook bundle – simple one page HMTL/PHP

    Do you know which sites would have a have higher CTR ?

    I believe option 1 as people would spend more time on the site.
    I think I would outsource the uploading of each book and description or do a bulk Upload in CSV format in MySQL.

    Appreciate your thoughts.


    • Reply Chris Lee

      Hey Steve. Definitely #1 for sure. Since it’s free, you’re goal is traffic. And with #1, you set yourself up to rank for way more long-tail keywords than #2. With #2, it’s just a one-page site. So if your goal is search traffic, that’s not the best route even if it’s going to be way easier/faster to set up.

      Also, my preference is to go with options that allow for more pages / rank for more keywords.

      For CTR, I wouldn’t imagine there to be a big difference.

      • Reply Steve

        Thanks for the advise Chris, much appreciated πŸ™‚

  • Reply Andrew

    MMm seems good, i also like a lot of traffic intead of CPC, but how it was the RPM and CPC ? to have an idea, because in that kind of websites in my country is about 0,15$ CPC and Competition Low.

    Nice blog!

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks, Andrew. CPC is lower than most of my other sites, but it still provides a high RPM due to the CTR.

  • Reply Fred

    Thanks for sharing Chris. Very informative. On the list of ideas you gave, some of them clearly look like download niches to me. Apps is a good example. The only way to get an app is to download it. But others are not so clear to me. For example, images/photos. Is that something that people download? Or do they just find images and copy them?

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Hey Fred. Well, they’re really just ideas to get your creativity flowing, but images/photos can easily be turned into downloads. For instance, image packs, vectors, anything like that can be packaged into a zip file. Or large images that might not be shown on the screen, can be provided as a button to download it.

  • Reply Ahsan

    nice article very helpful for new people like me thanks!

  • Reply Charles

    Dear Chris,

    Thanks for your great post!! It’s really a nice idea about the mentality of people who visit the site: to click or download something.

    From your 19 ideas listed in you post, is there any more like this?

    Also beside download sites, can you suggest more niche like this which is click-driven?

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Hey Charles, you’ll have to use your creativity there πŸ™‚ A lot of the niches are broad and can be expanded into multiple niches anyways.

      • Reply Charles

        Hi Chris,

        πŸ™‚ sorry, I’m not a creative person. In fact, I’m more on idiotic side to be honest πŸ˜€

        Btw, thanks for your response. beside download niches, is there any niche that is click-driven as well?

        Most are information driven, blogs like johnchow, IM gurus, etc are consume type if I’m not mistaken.

        How about free games or trial games? are they click driven type?
        Or PTC sites? but I don’t think google has ads for those.

        One last question I hope you don’t mind πŸ™‚

        From your 19 ideas, which one that you would suggest for beginner to begin so he/she can see immediate/faster result?

        Thanks and have a nice weekend πŸ™‚

        • Reply Chris Lee

          Hey Charles. Free games sites work, but it’s a niche that’s waaaaaaaaay too saturated imo.

          There isn’t one from the list that you should choose. Whichever interests you and you see some good potential in upon research is the right one.

  • Reply Santosh Rathore

    Hi Chris.
    subscribed to your list and getting your awesome emails πŸ˜‰
    Have a doubt regarding the downloads. If a user comes to my website for the keyword “wordpress download” then the publisher should be paying Rs.305.16 ($5 USD) to Google Adwords. Right ? And we’ll be getting $1 or so from the adsense ? Could you please throw some light on these figures.
    I can see DOWNLOAD related keyword bids are bit high with medium or low competition but how to choose from these is bit confusing now πŸ™‚
    Please help.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Hey Santosh, Adsense publishers receive 68% of the revenue received from clicks. The numbers aren’t set in stone in the Keyword Planner and should be viewed to get a general sense of what to expect. Your ads won’t always show ads in your category so it will vary.

  • Reply Alex Zemkus

    Great tip Chris, thinking outside the box and having a look at behavior patterns in what people are looking for and expecting. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks Alex!

  • Reply Brian Manon

    Great info. Usually when I go to a free book download site you can’t tell what is the download link and what is a ad. It usually takes me a few seconds to figure it out so I can see how they make lots of money off of this technique

    • Reply Chris Lee

      So true, some of the download sites (like movie sites) have ridiculous button placements. They use CPA offers instead of Adsense, but it’s usually pretty tricky to find the correct button.

  • Reply LPT

    I was looking for a new niche to do and found it here.
    With your step by step article I am all in.
    Thanks Chris!

    • Reply Chris Lee

      No problem, glad to hear it!

      • Reply LPT

        can you give an example of a good download site?

  • Reply Robert

    Great article! What do you think about wallpapers websites ? Could be a good example of a download website? They’re still working or should I try to find another niche? Thanks!

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Seems pretty saturated, but it could work depending on the keywords available.

  • Reply Toki

    Hey Chris,

    I was curious to know about the competition. For your example, the piano sheet music/sheet music – the sites in the top 10 have an insane amount of backlinks. Would you still go for that niche?

    I am having trouble with this whole niche selection. No matter what I do, the top sites are either wikipedia or sites with hundreds to thousands of backlinks.

    Any thoughts to clear things up?



    • Reply Chris Lee

      Hey Toki, try looking at the links to the specific pages that are ranking and not the overall domain and basing your kw research off of that.

  • Reply J. Fripp

    Hello Chris, this is a great post to me.

    Right now I’m at the namecheap website ready to buy a domain for a keyword that the PPC is $58. It is in the insurance niche.

    Now I arrived to this post, which make me thing/ask why would I go for download niche (which pay a little per clic), when there is a niche that pay a lot more money per click as I mentioned before?

    You are an experienced guy on this, so what is the reason why you don’t go for a niche that pay a lot more. Or do I’m missing something here??

    Isn’t a good ides to go for niches that pay a lot?

    I hope you will take care of my question here.

    Thanks in advance for your replay πŸ™‚

    • Reply Chris Lee

      PPC of $58 will also mean that you will have a lot of competition.

      And of course, this is just a niche idea. If you found a good niche in insurance, go for it.

  • Reply Helmi

    HI Chris. How about if I use about sea? is it good?

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Not sure what you mean about using sea.

      • Reply Helmi

        I mean, I will use “sea” for my niche. I will tell about sea, knowledge about sea, etc. Because, the searching about sea in google planner is big, 450.000

        • Reply Chris Lee

          If you found a good opportunity, then go for it!

          • Helmi

            Do you know what “CTR” about that?

  • Reply Sue

    I have a free wallpapers site with nice images and hardly any adsense clicks. How can I get around that?
    Thank you

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Will probably need to change up your layout and ad placement.

  • Reply cena

    Great tips.. but now a days , its hard to pick a new keyword.. nah?

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks Cena πŸ™‚ I wouldn’t say it’s hard to pick a new keyword.

  • Reply Joseph

    Howdy bro,
    thanks for this awesome information. Wow, you leaked a long time secret we have been using to drill $$$.

    Have a nice day.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks for reading Joseph πŸ™‚

  • Reply Anas Gultom

    Hi Chris,
    I’ve just done a KW research based on “download” niche… and i found out that if i add all of the KWs up.. i get over 80,000 searches.
    BUT… the average CPC for those KWs only $0.46 πŸ™

    do you think i should give it a go..??

    BTW, i just wanna say thx for your post, not just this particular post but for every single posts u’ve posted…

    • Reply Chris Lee

      That CPC is typical for most keywords in the download niche. I would go for it πŸ™‚

  • Reply Roman

    Hi Chris, want to tell you are awesome! I found your blog right about time and keep reading it for a few days already. Keep it up!

    Talking about DOWNLOAD websites, can you name a few examples with winning design and ad placements, interesting to see you professional opinion.

    Thank you.

  • Reply CY

    Hi Chris:

    A little question :

    In this article, the sentence:

    “Increase your CTR instantly by using the Newspaper WP Theme, the highest converting Adsense WP theme I’ve ever used.”

    is written in coloured column. How do you do it? Appreciate if you can provide the code I can use in a single wordpress post. Thanks!

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Sure πŸ™‚

      Add this line in your css file:
      .shoutout {background:#FEF5C4; border: 1px solid #ccc; margin-bottom: 30px; padding: 20px 20px 0; color:#222; box-shadow: 0 0 4px rgba(0,0,0,0.1);}

      And when you want to use it, just wrap your text in a div using the shoutout class.

  • Reply Pawan Diwakar

    Great articles…this idea came in my mind many times but this times elaborated it….

    Thanks a lot

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Awesome! Thanks for reading, Pawan.

  • Reply varun

    HI criss I blocked low cpc ad urls……soon after i’m seeing increased in CPC along with that CTR and RPM also incresead….Is it safe?????

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Yup, blocking url’s is perfectly fine.

  • Reply [email protected]

    Hi Chris,

    Great niche idea, and whats the layout of your adsense for this kind of site

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Same as the other sites, but do play around with it.

  • Reply Himadri

    Nice idea Chris! If people come to download something, they click on every tab that says download, which is very good for Adsense income!! Brad’s comment is also fantastic. Targeting the audience over 40+ is a good idea. They click on everything they see on the site. Thanks for the nice tricks anyway.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks Himadri πŸ™‚

  • Reply Alfredo Quirarte

    Hi Chris Lee,

    Thank you for the great article. It seems you’re an expert. I have a question for you. I already have a downloads website with a good amount of traffic and page-views, yet my CPC and CTR are horrible!
    I feel that 500,000 page-views a month should bring a lot more than just $150 to $200. How do you think I can improve on this?

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Hey Alfredo, yeah 500,000 pageviews and only $150-$200 means you’re getting less than $0.50 RPM, which is really bad.

      Try experimenting with different ad positions, and even changing up your entire design altogether. Keep experimenting.

      Also read this post: https://www.rankxl.com/3-techniques-improve-ctr/

  • Reply Dong Mai

    Awesome article Chris!

    This was the main inspiration for me to create my own download site. I just have one quick question: how do you build link to a site in the download niche?

    Since this is not an info-rich niche, it can be tough to guest post. It’s not even easy to find a blog in this niche in the first place.

    Thanks again for your insight. Kudos to the post and keep up the great work.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Link building is a little more difficult, and you’ll in most cases need to create different kinds of content to link build to that aren’t your download pages.

  • Reply Techappzone

    Nice and so helpful for all people.Thank you continue the postings.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks for reading!

  • Reply Techappzone

    How to improve traffic to my site and attract people the visit my site again and again.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      SEO πŸ™‚

  • Reply Jhon Agustinus Yahya

    I just search high paying niche on search engine, and now I land on this site. Awesoms article.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks Jhon πŸ™‚ Glad it helped.

  • Reply cory

    What kind of theme do you use for this niche?

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Any theme that’s clean and simple πŸ™‚

  • Reply uthman saheed

    This is really cool. I will save this for my next blog project. Download site. I really need that. Though building another blog again is a whole lot of work.

    Thanks so much

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Yeah, it’s a lot more work now than it used to be.

  • Reply Lora

    Great article man. You listed some sub-niches of the download niche in your article. Did you cover more examples in your Niche Book?

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Hey Lora, no not many niches in the “download” category are listed in there.

  • Reply Imer Imran

    Hi Chris
    Great tips as always. Download niches are an awesome idea but as Theo comment above, sources are something I’ll have to look into.

    Anyway, I’ve read more than 15 of your articles now and I can’t seem to stop reading more.


    • Reply Chris Lee

      You’re like the top commenter of the year, Imer! Thanks for reading the blog πŸ™‚

  • Reply DigitalGuider.Com

    very informative and helpfull blog to me. Personally i would say these high ctr niche and categories really high traffic options we can try for earning.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Yeah, thank for reading πŸ™‚

  • Reply Ayushi

    Hey Chris, thanks for sharing this post. This is really an amazing idea for earning high CTR from Adsense. But I would like to ask one thing that, Is the long tail keywords are really helpful for making good CTR through these sites?


    • Reply Chris Lee

      Yes, definitely. It’s higher in the long-tail searches because they’re more targeted and will usually be action-oriented.

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      Thanks Dan. Takes a while for me to verify comments sometimes since I’m busy with other things.

      Yeah, the link hasn’t been working. I’ll get it fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

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      I’m using Sumome πŸ™‚

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    But WP theme do you recommend for download site?

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    I am in the download category too but I found out having few ads displayed is better than too many. I got one small image banner and text links. Getting around 8%-16% CTR is good enough for me. I intentionally put the ads above the fold of the page and the actual page below it (people are impatient and just click about anything they see). I made a custom download page so I can make some tweaks regarding how the ads should be placed. πŸ˜‰

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      Awesome tips Dumaguette! Thanks for sharing.

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    BTW what do you think about coupons niche i have created a coupons website that has only web hosting, domain, themes deals and coupons πŸ™‚

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      I think there are too many of them, haha. But if you can get some traffic to it, then it’s very profitable.

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      It varies. You’ll have to research this on your own depending on your niche.

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    I notice CPM is super high in the finance niche but it really takes a lot of traffic in most industries. I’m going to target the masses with a new site idea to see if I can piggyback your idea. Great stuff, Chris!

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      Great insight, Tarik! Best of luck with your new site.

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    I have a game downloading website having CTR of 35% on average..
    However, I have 2 other websites and overall CTR is 6%.

    Please tell me if everything is OK with high CTR on my game website.


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      Wow, awesome. Yeah, it’s crazy how high some of these CTR can get in these niches. Just make sure that you’re clear that your ads are ads and you should be fine.

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      Hey Ray! You’ll need to add a custom div element to the top of the ad that matches it in width.

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      Hey Orhan πŸ™‚ I don’t use AdSense on this blog because I prefer to keep this site ad-free. This is more of a personal blog for me.

      Also, I’m more interested in building my email list for this blog.

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      Yes, you can use WordPress. Any theme you want is ok. Try and find something clean and simple.

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      Cool, thanks for sharing. Definitely not as easy as before, but still great if you can build an authority blog around it.