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A Simple Trick To Discover Thousands Of Profitable Keywords Your Competitors Will Never Know About

By Chris Lee 56 comments

google suggestI do most of my keyword research directly through Google’s Keyword Planner.

It’s my main go-to tool for doing niche and keyword research.

But recently, I’ve been using to a nifty little tool that essentially finds thousands of keywords that a normal keyword tool would never show you.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can use it to find undiscovered keywords your competitors will never know about.

Interested? Keep reading.

Let’s jump straight to an example

Let’s pretend that we were interested in building something in the “writing” niche.

To start off, what we would normally do is first head into Google’s Keyword Planner and start inputting some seed keywords.

seed keywords

Using these seed keywords, Google suggests some more keywords we can look into further.

suggestions from kws

But there are a few problems with this list…

  • It’s not that intelligent. As you might have experienced from when you ran searches yourself, some of the suggestions run really far off the topic of your original keywords.
  • You can filter by search volume, but it doesn’t give you a complete list of keywords based on POPULARITY.
  • Any and every one of your competitors would have gotten the exact same results.

What about all of these keywords?

kw suggestions

Google suggestions

Google has been offering suggestions and autocompletes since 2008. They come from real search activity, and is based on popularity.

Meaning… what you see are suggestions of the most popular searches people are making.

google suggested keywords

But only a few SEO’s take advantage of them for their keyword research.

Imagine we can take every single one of these suggestions, compile them into a list, and then bulk upload them into our keyword tool.

We can then organize them by search volume, and we would end up with a complete master list of keywords we can target that’s a lot more relevant to us than the random ones that Google’s Keyword Planner normally suggests.

Sound good? Let’s learn how to do it!

How to compile suggested keywords from Google’s search bar

It’s very simple to do and can be broken down into 2 steps.

Step 1: Use a suggestions keyword tool to gather your list of keywords

My favorite tool, and the one I use for my own keyword research is Keyword Snatcher.

What we’re doing with this tool is pulling all the most popular autocomplete suggestions into a single list.

What we end up with is a giant list of undiscovered keyword opportunities and content ideas that your competitors will never know about (since most of these are not displayed in a normal keyword research tool… EVEN Google’s Keyword Planner).

This isn’t just useful for finding low search volume long-tail keywords…

The reason that this method is so useful is because it shows you ALL the low-hanging fruit ordered by HIGHEST SEARCH VOLUME.

There are a few free tools you can use (which I’ll list at the end), but Keyword Snatcher gives you more keyword suggestions than any of them…. combined.

You’ll have to input your keywords one by one here.

As a test, let’s try inputting our keyword “how to write a” into Keyword Snatcher and see what it brings back.

keyword snatcher

After a few minutes, we have more than enough to sift through.

keywords found

Google’s Keyword Planner only allows an upload limit of 3000 keywords in your text file so I’ll stop it before it then.

Step 2: Bulk upload your list of keywords into your keyword tool

Now it’s time to upload them all into our keyword tool to check traffic volume.

To do that, simply download the list that Keyword Snatcher pulled for you by clicking on the “Download Suggestions” button.

download kws

That’ll give you a nice little txt file.

Next, go into Google’s Keyword Planner (or your keyword tool of choice) and upload the file.

To upload a txt file into Google’s Keyword Planner, you need to click on “Get search volume data and trends.”

uploading kw planner

Upload your txt file and click on “Get search volume.”

uploading into google keyword planner

And there we go.

We get a list of the keywords we inputted organized by highest search volume.


Wait, but I only see 800 results…

800 limit

Didn’t we upload 3000?

Google’s Keyword Planner only shows a maximum of 800 results.

The good thing is… 3000 keywords are uploaded first, and then the top 800 highest search volume keywords are displayed.

So you’re not getting a random list. You’re getting the 800 highest search volume keywords, which is what we want.

I’ve tested this myself by sprinkling in really high search volume keywords evenly throughout the text list of 3000.

And these were the results.

Highest search volume keywords on top.

ordered by search volume

800 results is more than plenty.

Usually, we’ll only need to sift through the first 5 pages of the results since any more than that and the search volume gets too small, and it’s better to move onto a new search.

Remember, we only did one keyword here.

We still have other seed keywords to enter into Keyword Snatcher.

If you’re using Long Tail Pro, it has an upload limit of 10,000 keywords (if you have the Platinum version), and you can pull in a LOT more data.

Another example

Here’s another example using the keyword, “Modern Family.

modern family

You’ll see how Keyword Snatcher gives you REAL search queries that Google’s Keyword Planner will never show you.

Here’s a search from Google’s Keyword Planner.

kw planner results for modern family

You’ll get keyword suggestions like watch tv shows online or the usual ones like modern family cast

BUT you won’t get the specific queries that people search for like the ones that Keyword Snatcher was able to find.


Target by country

Google’s autocomplete suggestions aren’t the same worldwide.

It’s very personalized and results vary depending on location.

The good thing about Keyword Snatcher is that you can target by country.

So if you have a site that’s targeting an Australian audience, you can make it pull suggestions using the Australian versions of each search engine.

international targeting

Other free tools you can use besides Keyword Snatcher

Keyword Snatcher is a paid tool, but there are other free tools out there that does (to a small scale) what Keyword Snatcher can do.

You won’t get a master list of profitable keywords since suggestions are limited, but they still get the job done.

Here are a few you can try.

1. Ubersuggest

This is probably the most popular free tool out there for doing something like this.

Enter in a keyword like you would on Keyword Snatcher and it will bring back the top 10 autosuggest keywords for every alphabet and number.

Once the search is complete, click on “Select all keywords” and copy and paste it into your keyword tool to get search volumes.


Link: http://ubersuggest.org/

2. KeywordTool.io

Similar to ubersuggest except that it gives you slightly more keywords to work with by adding suggestions before the keyword as well.

There’s a paid version for this, but it’s pretty much the same info you would get by copy pasting it into your keyword tool.


Click on “Copy all” and paste in the list to your keyword tool.

Link: http://keywordtool.io/

3. SEOChat

This is the only free tool I came across that pulls in keywords from more search engines than just Google.

You don’t get half as many results as you would through Keyword Snatcher, but they provide the biggest list of keywords out of all the free tools.


Export your results, and upload it into your keyword tool.

Link: http://tools.seochat.com/tools/suggest-tool/

Bonus: Another cool little trick you can do with Keyword Snatcher

This is just a little trick I found while tinkering with the software.

If you click on “Get suggestions” while leaving the search field blank, Keyword Snatcher will pull in the top autosuggest keywords in general.


It’s a neat little way to come up with niche ideas.


By using autosuggest keywords, you can find a whole new set of keywords in any niche that are virtually undiscovered by your competitors.

If you’re serious about getting the full list of keywords, use Keyword Snatcher and you’ll get an extensive list of keywords that other tools can’t find.

But even using the free tools mentioned above, you’ll be able to uncover some new opportunities you never knew about before using just a keyword tool by itself.

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  • Reply Soren

    Thanks for a great post, Chris (As always).
    For me, another great tool for finding keywords is by reading the questions sent in by users on Quora.com – these a great for discovering other keywords than those Google will provide you with. Of course you won’t be able to do the bulk searching.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks, Soren ๐Ÿ™‚ And great extra tip. Quora is awesome for finding a lot of keyword/niche/business ideas.

  • Reply Daniel


    Just bought this tool based on your recommendation.

    Many thanks,

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Nice Daniel, it really is a great little tool.

  • Reply Owen Passmore

    Wow that keyword tool is incredible. Thanks for posting this very informative article.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      No problem, Owen. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Reply Sergey

    I’ve purchased Keyword Snatcher a while ago but so far didn’t use it. I’ll give it a try. Thanks Chris!

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Cool thanks for reading, Sergey.

      • Reply Sergey

        Tried your method. Unfortunately KS gave me some gibberish results. I was looking for keywords related to “healthy living” and it gave me keywords like “New York”, “Wynnwood Avenue”,
        “Piscataway Township” …. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not sure how these are related to healthy living, but this method didn’t give me any good results.

        • Reply Chris Lee

          Hey Sergey, you’re most likely using it wrong. KS gives you long-tail suggestions based on the keywords you input. It’s not possible for it just give you a random result like “new york” unless you inputted “new york” into it. If you need help using it, let me know anytime.

  • Reply john

    wow thanks Chris, this is really a big help.. im thinking of buying keyword snatcher.. this is a lot better than keyword tool

    • Reply Chris Lee

      No problem, John. You should use it with keyword tool for the best results.

  • Reply Liam

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the tips, will use most definitely! When do you think your updated income reports will be updated?

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks for reading, Liam. Don’t know if I’ll release a monthly one. I may put out one at the end of the year.

  • Reply Niaj

    Wow! Seems great helpful. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am new to blogging and runing a new blog but I don’t have enough idea about this type of tricks.

    Thanks man, thank you very much for such articles…

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Niaj, thanks for reading.

  • Reply Tom Davidson

    Chris — RankXl is by far the best guide to setting up a profitable site I have ever seen. And this tip truly awesome! Been contemplating Keyword Snatcher since reading about it in the original Fat Stacks niche site pdf. Buying it now!

    • Reply Chris Lee

      I’m flattered ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, Tom.

  • Reply Renato

    Great tutorial Chris! I just love your content, and I only wish you publish your posts at least 2 times per week ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Haha thanks Renato ๐Ÿ™‚ Will be publishing more frequently soon.

  • Reply Bob

    Scrapebox has a keyword scraper that can do this really well.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Nice, haven’t tried this with scrapebox but will have to. Thanks for the tip, Bob.

  • Reply Paul

    Great information from you again Chris one tool you could add which is also free and gives you a large keyword list is keyword shitter. This is the link http://keywordshitter.com/ This can be used then uploaded into keyword planner as you suggested.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Nice, thanks for sharing Paul ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Reply Mohammed Anzil

    Hi Chris,

    Great article to find profitable keywords easily. Thanks for the information about Keyword Snatcher…

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks for reading, Mohammed!

      • Reply Don

        Do we have to re-insert the keywords from Keyword Snatcher into Google Keyword tol to get the returned monthly results?

        Or, do you suggest just using them as LSI keywords?

        • Reply Chris Lee

          You should upload them into your keyword tool to get the search volumes like I show in step 2.

  • Reply Adrian T.

    Excellent post. I will use your techniques when researching my next articles.

    PS: I really enjoy your blog.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Awesome! Thanks Adrian ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Reply Musab

    Hi Chris I bought the software and tried it. It works fine but there is a problem about adwords. When I upliad the keywords it asks me to upload up to 800 not 3000. I think they changed the limit. Thanks for letting us know the tool. I haven’t tried but I have an idea about finding a keyword group which are related and can be used in a page. I am thinking the use the tool first as general as possible after that use the keyword snatcher to find keywords related to most searched keywords from my first search maybe do it third time and probably subject for that page will be there with the most volume keywords. Sorry for my English. I hope it makes sense.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Hey Musab, not 100% certain if I’m understanding you correctly but yeah you can do it that way. You can try it both ways and see which works best for you.

  • Reply Sean John

    Keyword Snatcher is available for try ?

    Thanks Chris

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Hey Sean, there’s no free trial with the software at the moment.

  • Reply Jakob

    I found the best solution for this. Tool is called Keyword Researcher Pro and in it i just type => how to * or * or any other type of combination with the symbol *, and it returns so many kw’s that the head hurts. It’s probably the best keyword generator that i know of. The only downside is that it doesn’t check for traffic, i just copy the kw’s into Longtail Pro for that, and with the new update Logtail Pro can bulk check the competition(KC) !

    p.s- The only tool that came close with the numbers is Semrush but with Keyword Researcher Pro you will get focused keywords based on your filter search like “where * “. I run a test for “where to buy * ” and got 6.3k keywords.

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Awesome. Thanks for sharing that Jakob!

  • Reply david

    Hi Chris, great job, I think Keyword snatcher is a big big tool for keyword research, but…

    how can I get a test for my main keyword?

    Can someone (registered) give me a list of kw for my main keyword in order to check it?

    thanks a lot

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks, David. Yeah you can run your main keyword through it to see variations. Or try it on one of the free tools.

  • Reply Efrain Avelar

    Hey chris nice post i did a keyword research on adwords i when ahead and added 3000 keywords but adwords would only take 800 keywords this post is full of good info thanks chris .

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Cool, thanks Efrain. You can just split them up into multiple documents to adjust to the limits.

  • Reply Manfaat Atmosfer

    thanks for your information ya Chris Lee
    i like your article

    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thank you Manfaat.

  • Reply keywordshitterpro

    Thanks for such an awesome article.

    We recently launched a keyword research tool named Keyword Shitter Pro (http://keywordshitterpro.com/). Might make a nice addition to the page ๐Ÿ™‚

    Either way, keep up the awesome work!


    • Reply Chris Lee

      Really cool. Thanks for sharing.

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    Hi Chris,

    I was just reading this article and it is superbly and very well written. I am really glad i visited your site and got the content which was very relevant to what i was looking for.


    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thank you Tarun! Glad it was helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Reply Chris Lee

      No problem Erenha. Thanks for reading.

  • Reply Imer Imran

    Hi Chris
    Great review you have done there. Never heard about Keyword Snatcher before. But thanks for sharing this great tools. As far as I know, SeMrush is the greatest keyword planner, as Robbie Richard’s post on 61 Experts Reveal Best Tools For Keyword Research. Other great tools are Scrape Box since it’s also recommended by the well-known SEO expert.

    By the way, great post, some really good free tools like Ubersuggest and KeywordTool.io (free version).


    • Reply Chris Lee

      Thanks Imer.

  • Reply Bhuboy De Leon

    Great tools here Chris, so this tools is to use the long tail keywords right

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      Yup that’s right!

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      Awesome, glad to hear that Dimas.

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    KS looks an amazing tool to find long tail keywords. Never thought to search for keywords this way.

    Your blog is a goldmine for bloggers. Keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

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