Hi, I’m Chris. I love building and scaling profitable content businesses.

I’ve grown several websites from zero to 100,000+ visitors per month and scaled revenue streams to 6-figures.

RankXL is where I share everything I know about building and ranking websites, growing revenue streams, and everything else involved in my day to day business.

I built my first website in 2009 on a dusty, old PC desktop. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with SEO and using it to grow and scale traffic to websites.

My first business model was to rank niche sites on Google for high search volume keywords, and then monetize with AdSense. I loved the model. It was passive, easy, and I was getting pretty good at it.

Within a year, I had built up a portfolio of a few websites that were collectively making $300-$400 per month. My Adsense payments were paying for my car lease and it felt incredible.

It felt so cool receiving a cheque from Google. Even though I wasn’t technically working for Google, I felt like some kind of insider. I knew something that none of my friends knew about. I was good at something that was making money. I was getting paid for sitting at my computer. I was making money even when I was sleeping. I was addicted.

I was determined to learn more and turn SEO into my career.

2 years later, I worked as an SEO consultant, as a freelancer, working with local businesses to get more traffic from Google search.

A year after that, I worked as a full-time SEO specialist at a local marketing firm in my city, all the while building my own sites on the side.

2013 was a break-through year for me. It was the year I first crossed $1000/month with my sites. Thanks to SEO.

While other people’s rankings were destroyed from Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, my main websites soared in rankings. I decided then and there that I would drop every other strategy I was trying out and just focus on building out more sites.

And that decision was the best one that I made in my career.

That year, I reached my goal of hitting $100/day. And after 5 months, I quit my job and have been doing SEO, and building websites for a living ever since.

It’s now been nearly a decade since the day I put up my first websites.

Today, I’m still passionate about SEO as ever. I love building and scaling content sites. And the rush and challenge of growing a new niche site to 100,000 visitors never goes away.

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