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If you read and like the content on RankXL, that tells me a few things about you…

You love traffic. Traffic excites you. Logging into your analytics and seeing spikes in traffic gives you a rush…… a high…… and maybe……

……even an eerie feeling of world domination.

You love digital marketing. You love the possibility of building a real, ethical business that provides value to this world. And you’re not afraid of working hard to do it. In other words, you want to build something awesome… and make a lot of money doing it.

There are a lot of different business models on the internet, and a lot of ways to drive traffic. But if you’re here, reading this, there’s one model that intrigues you the most: content. Above anything else, you want to build a content business. Reading about blogs that started from nothing and grew to millions of readers per month excites you. Reading stories of blogs that sold for millions of dollars gets your heart pumping.

Your own goal is to build and grow a profitable content business. You want to learn how to build a blog to millions of uniques per month, and have a 7-figure exit. You want to meet others who share the same passion and are on the same entrepreneurial journey as you.

That’s what drives me. That’s what gets me excited to wake up in the morning and start working. And that’s the core of what RankXL is all about, and what the community of people who read this blog loves: Content that drives mass traffic and builds passionate audiences.

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