How Often Should I Be Posting On My Blog?

By Last updated on May 18, 2016
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A lot of beginners mistakenly think that there’s a right number to this question.

There isn’t.

It doesn’t matter how often you publish on your blog. What does matter is the quality of content that is published.

The frequency only plays a part in how fast your blog grows and scales in traffic. But posting less often does not have any serious negative impact.

How often you post on your blog depends on a lot of factors. And in this tutorial, we’re going to learn the different schedules and posting frequencies you can stick with, while still ensuring that your content is responsible for driving growth.

Options for content publishing frequency

There are 3 different ways you can approach content publishing.

1. Daily
2. Weekly
3. Monthly

Before we take a deeper look at each one, let’s talk about the TYPE of content you should be posting.

The type of content you should be creating

Anybody can write an article everyday. It doesn’t take much to snap out a 200 word article in 10 minutes.

The problem is, this type of content won’t generate any growth for your blog.

You won’t rank in Google, you won’t get any social shares, you won’t get any backlinks.

The type of content that does work well is long-form content. These are anywhere between 2000 to 4000 words long.

Combine this high word count with great writing, and you have a winning combination.

Now, let’s go back to our schedule.

1. Daily Posting

This means publishing one blog post per day.

This isn’t possible for most people. Imagine having to create a 2000 to 4000 word article every single day.

These aren’t rough drafts either. You’re going from blank page to finalized, published version of the article, and doing this every single day of the year.

It’s just too much work for an individual person to do on their own.

That’s why I don’t advise anybody to attempt this, even if you have a lot of free time. It’s difficult to maintain a high enough content quality at this pace.

The only way you can make posting once per day work is if you hire writers. But if you don’t have experience growing a high-traffic blog already, hiring is not recommended until you have more knowledge and expertise to guide your employees.

2. Weekly posting

Weekly is the sweet spot. If you’re the sole writer for your blog, then this is the publishing schedule that will work best.

It gives you plenty of time to write, research, edit, and format while not having to rush to get it published.

Furthermore, a weekly posting schedule gives you a consistent stream of published content on your blog, and gives your readers a reason to keep coming back for more.

Once you get more experienced with writing and can publish articles quicker (while not sacrificing quality), then you can start ramping it up to twice a week, then 3 times per week max.

3. Monthly posting

If this blog is your main project, and you really want it to succeed, then I don’t recommend posting just once per month. It’s just too slow of a pace, and your growth will be minimal until you can ramp up the publishing frequency.

However, if you have a busy schedule, then start out with once per month. You can increase the number of posts you publish in the future. Once a month is better than nothing and it won’t actually hurt you.

This is an important point that beginners have a tough time understanding: Publishing less often doesn’t hurt your traffic. It just slows down your growth because you’re not putting out that much content.

For example, ever since I started RankXL, I’ve only been posting about once or twice per month. This hasn’t negatively affected my website, except for the fact that it grew slower than it could’ve if I gave it more time and attention.

Think about it… Posting just once per month is 12 articles in a year. Compare that to something like posting once per week, which is 52 articles in a year. After a year or two, which blog do you think will have more traffic, considering quality for both sites were equal?

Obviously, the correct answer is the blog that posted once per week.

The only way you can really succeed with posting just once per month is if each time you publish, it’s absolutely amazing content that people go crazy over. But as you can imagine, that’s extremely difficult to do and you need to get a lot of things right, not just the content quality.

Wrapping up: how often should you really publish?

If you’re taking your blog seriously, then posting once per week is the sweet spot. It’s perfect for both beginners and experienced site publishers.

If you have a busy schedule and can’t give much time to working on your blog, then posting once or twice per month is totally fine. You won’t grow as quickly, but as long as you’re putting out quality content, it will be enough to get you going.

If you’re very experienced with growing blogs, then you can start to consider hiring writers to post once per day. This is the fastest path to growing a high-traffic blog, but also the one that requires the most knowledge and expertise.

Which one you choose is dependant on your personal situation, and how seriously you’re taking your blog.

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