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Income Report: December 2014

By Chris Lee 14 comments

monoflat_icons_278My first income report on RankXL. What would a journey be without reports, right? In addition to blogging about my websites, and what I’m doing online, I’ll be releasing an income report every month to publicly keep track of progress.

This was inspired by other bloggers by Pat Flynn and Dale Partridge who share their income in great detail every single month.

So here goes. Here’s what an update of how I did in December.

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How Much Traffic Do You Need to Get to $100/Day with Adsense?

By Chris Lee 115 comments

monoflat_icons_5Obviously, everybody’s idea of a full-time income will be different. My own number was $3000/month when I first started out, which equaled to $100/day. For our calculations in this post, let’s also use $100/day, as that seems to be one of the biggest milestones people want to reach with their own websites.

When I see people talk about Adsense, I see a lot of discussion about profitable niches, costs per click, making a full-time income, etc but I never see much discussion about traffic. I see forum threads everyday of people wanting to learn how to reach $100/day with Adsense.

At the end of the day it’s all about traffic. There are many factors that affect a site’s overall income, but lots of traffic is the common denominator.

So how much traffic do you really need to get to $100/day with Adsense?

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How I Was Able to Go From Part-Time Income to Full-Time Income Online

By Chris Lee 8 comments

The first dollar I ever made online was with Adsense. It was from the first website I ever made, which was a niche site in the aviation industry. Ever since I got my first cheque from Google, I was hooked. I’ve been building new niche sites ever since.

For the first 4 years, I was only making a few hundred dollars a month. My cheque was enough to pay for my car lease, and I was happy with that. Now, I’m now making a full-time income.

Here’s how I grew my business last year from part-time to full-time income.

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First Post: Introduction to Myself and My Web Projects That Generate a Full-Time Income

By Chris Lee 26 comments

Not sure how many people will read this post, but here goes: the first ever blog post on RankXL.

My name is Chris. I make my full-time income online through niche sites, mainly through Adsense, and have been doing so for the last 2 years. Why Adsense? Because it’s easy, passive, and it’s how I made my first dollar online.

I currently run 8 websites which last month (November 2014) brought in $3646.32 in earnings through Adsense.

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