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The most extensive library of profitable niche ideas ever made.

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Finding the right niche is one of the most challenging parts of building an online business.

Where do you even start?

Everything is a niche idea. I can think of 10 different niche ideas from just what’s sitting on my desk right now.

But which one is profitable?

And even if a niche is profitable…. how will I know which KEYWORDS are profitable?

Introducing Niche Book: The most extensive library of niche ideas ever made.

What exactly is Niche Book?

Niche Book is a giant list of 112 different niche ideas.

Except… that it’s NOT really a list.

Most lists of niche ideas are just a long, meaningless list of words.

We’re talking hundreds of random words just scattered out onto a page, with no organization, and no details given about the specific niches.

list of niches

Niche Book is DIFFERENT.

Instead of random words spread down a long-scrolling page:

1. They’re neatly organized into categories.

2. Each niche is listed with the top 3 most recommended keywords so you know exactly HOW to target these niches, and where to start.

3. Each niche is listed with the average CPC of the niche to give you an idea of the profitability and competition levels… without having to look through each one in a keyword tool.

Basically, Niche Book has everything you need to: Get your mind flying with niche ideas and give you a massive head start to your niche selection.

Save hours of research. Everything is done for you.

Find your profitable niche in just a few minutes with Niche Book.

Keep it handy on your desktop. With 112 profitable niche ideas, and over 300 keyword ideas, you’ll find new opportunities every time you scroll through it.


Answers to frequently asked questions.

What happens after I buy Niche Book?

You’ll be instantly directed to a secure page with your payment receipt and a link to download the book.

What if I hate it?

If you don’t think the strategies are for you, just reply to your purchase receipt email within 30 days and I will issue a refund.

What if I have other questions?

If you have other questions, simply email me at chris[at]rankxl[dot]com.

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