Read About My Journey To 6-Figures With Blogging

In 2013, I quit my day job to pursue blogging full-time. At the time, I was an SEO specialist at a marketing agency, earning $22/hour.

When I quit, I was making roughly $3000/month from my blogs. The update reports below are a documentation of my journey.

While I don’t write update reports anymore, I did write them for the first few months after starting RankXL. And although I stopped writing them, I’m happy to have documented the few that I did. They are an excellent case study on the early stages, and how I grew my blogging business to 6-figures.

Reason I stopped is because after a certain point, it just started feeling like I was just showboating. Every report I wrote made me cringe and felt like I was saying “Hey, look at me. Look at how much money I made. Isn’t it great?” It also invited a lot of haters to the blog, which I wasn’t a fan of!

Nonetheless, the few that I published are great reads and should show you what’s possible with a blogging business. It’ll also give you a lot of insight into my journey, how I got started, and how I grew my business.