We’ll Plan, Research, And Build A Profitable Authority Blog For You

Premium custom sites built to rank and make you money.

A complete done-for-you service. Skip the guess work, setup, research, planning, strategizing and all the other countless tasks that go into building a new site. We’ll work with you to build an ultra premium authority blog (completely done for you) and give you everything you need to grow a high-traffic, high-income site once it’s handed over to you.

*Please note: Because this is such a high touch service that requires a large amount of time and resources for each client, we can only accept 3 new clients at a time at the moment.

What if you could skip every uncertain part of starting a new site?

What if instead of having to guess what you’re doing is right, you could literally be handed a fully functioning site, built the proper way, all the research done for you, with a complete growth and strategy plan attached, and you could start from there?

What would that do for your chances of growing the blog into 100,000 visitors per month, and making a full-time income?

With RankXL Labs, that’s exactly what you get.

We’re going to work with a very limited number of people to literally hand over a perfectly planned out authority blog that’s been custom built, and ready to go.

Each site comes with everything you need:

Custom WP Theme, Design, Logo, and Branding.

No generic templates here. Derek Flanzraich, founder of Greatist (now an 8-figure blog) once said: “Want to get a million visitors per month? Make your blog look like a blog that gets a million visitors per month first.” That’s always stuck with me. And it’s why I invest so much time and money into design. Some people will disagree and say design doesn’t matter. But I say it does. So your site is going to get the full-spa treatment and come with its own custom WordPress theme, design, logo, and branding. Not only that, but your site will come setup with perfect site structure and content organization.

50,000 Search Visitors Scope For Every Site

Each site we build will be scoped out to grow to a minimum of 50,000 visitors per month and beyond (through search traffic). No mini niche sites here, we only build large scope projects. Why? Working on sites that are capped at tiny traffic potentials are a waste of time. 50K visitors per month is what it takes to start generating more significant revenues from sites. We’ll help you scope and plan out the niche and keyword selection so that whatever you end up working on is worth the effort.

200 Keyword Research Content Bucket

Want us to do all your keyword research for you? No need to spend money on a keyword research tool or spend hours doing it yourself. The content bucket is basically your content calendar for a whole 2 years of running the site. We’ll do all the keyword research for you and give you a giant list of 200 keywords to create content around. Each keyword is ranked on with difficulty score, and tells you which ones are easiest to rank for, and which ones you should target first. No more wondering what to write about, or what keywords to target. Just follow what’s provided in the content plan, one by one.

Pre-Installed With Analytics, All Plugins & CloudFlare

Each site comes pre-installed with all the tools and software you need. We’ll set up everything from analytics to all the essential WordPress plugins and software. We’ll also get your site set up on CloudFlare, a free service that essentially doubles your site speed instantly.

1-Year Growth & Strategy Plan

What happens after the site is completed and handed over to you? What do you work on first? What do you do next? What are the crucially important things that impact growth the most? This growth and strategy plan will give you everything you need to know. It’s the exact step-by-step strategy we use to grow our own blogs. You’ll get a full 1-year strategy blueprint that literally tells you – “here’s what to do, why you should do it, and when.” It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Customized, Niche-Specific Growth & Strategy Plan

Every niche is different. What might seem like the best strategy in one niche can be completely different in another. That’s why along with the 1-Year Growth & Strategy Plan, you’ll also get a fully customized growth and strategy plan on top of that. This will be different for everyone, and is basically me doing deep niche research for you and giving you tips and strategies on how to dominate your niche, and what to do to make your site growth faster, and monetization more profitable.

200 Link Building Prospects Sheet & Outreach Templates And Guide

Do you have trouble with building backlinks? Most people do. That’s exactly why we created the prospects sheet and strategy plan. We’ll show you how to get links from the biggest sites in your niche. We’ll create a full list of your top prospects to reach out to, and give you exact step-by-step instruction on how to reach out to them to land a backlink from them.

Making It (Almost) Impossible To Fail.

Why are we doing this? Why offer something like this?
I’ve been running RankXL for 5 years now. During that time, I realized that over 80% of people fail with their sites, not because they don’t have the work ethic, but because they do the wrong things.

What RankXL Labs was designed to do is eliminate all chances of error, both in research and execution, by doing it all for you. I wanted to build something that would be the equivalent of you coming over to my house for a weekend, and me just doing the entire niche and keyword research, and growth planning for you, then building out the entire site, writing out a detailed step-by-step gameplan, and then handing it over to you.

When you take that site and return home, you know exactly what to do with it. It’s been built and planned out for success. There’s no needing to sit down by yourself and figure out what to do.

RankXL Labs is for executors. People who hustle. People who, if they just had the right answers and the proper strategy, can make it work.

If that’s you, I want to work with you.


How long will it take to receive my site?

Once we get all the required details from you, each site will take 4 weeks to be completed and handed over to you.

What does the process look like? What happens after I order?

This is what the process roadmap looks like:
1. You complete your order.
2. You will be sent a startup form that asks you for all the details we need to get you started.
3. At the same time, you will be given a special Telegram link where we can communicate and keep you posted about the site (we can do email if you prefer, but this is much faster and in real-time).
4. Once we have everything we need to get started, we’ll start our building process.
5. Site is completed, and we hand over the site along with any log ins for other services.
6. You use our guides and all planning and research to build out the site.

I don’t have a niche. Can you help me find one?

Yup, that part is included. As stated earlier, we don’t build any small-scope projects simply because we don’t want to waste your time, or our time. We’ll work with you to come up with the right niche, and then we’ll scope it to make sure that it meets our 50,000 search visitor threshold.

What if I have questions or I get stuck?

You get access to unlimited consulting for 6 months after you receive the site. The last thing we want is for you to receive the site, then just let it sit there. Our success metric for RankXL Labs is not measured by how many customers we have, or how much money we make. Instead, it’s how many people we can help build a successful, profitable site. We’ll be there to help you get the site rolling in the right direction and guide you if you have any questions.

Do you write content for the site, too?

No. Sites by RankXL Labs don’t come with ANY content. Here’s why… It would drastically increase the price at which we can offer this service, without adding significant value. Us adding 5 to even 20 pages of content won’t do anything for your site’s growth. You’ll still need to go out and create the rest of the content yourself. We’ll show you how to do it, but we have no desire to add on $500 to $1000 more to the price of the sites simply because we added a few pages of content to your site.

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