Should I Pay For Blog Traffic? Why You Shouldn’t

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Generating blog traffic is difficult, especially for a brand new blog. Sometimes, it might be tempting to try and spend a few dollars to pay for traffic to speed up the process.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you why you shouldn’t, and why. I’ll also shed some light on the only kinds of traffic you should be paying for, and when it makes sense to do so.

What type of traffic are you purchasing?

Apart from advertising, most other traffic sources you pay for will be a huge waste of money. Money straight down the drain.

I was surprised at how often I get this question, but it seems that people are still using unknown companies that sell traffic. I thought these disappeared back in the 90’s.

It’s unbelievable actually that these vendors are actually trying to sell this garbage. It’s unacceptable.

What exactly are these companies

Do a search online for “Buy web traffic” and look at how many results pop up.

79 million results!

The problem is, these companies actually look like real, genuine companies. They look professional, have a clean web design, and look like people you can trust.

They also make it sound like buying web traffic is helpful and beneficial for your blog.

It isn’t!

The only thing that these companies do is boost your traffic numbers. The traffic itself means nothing. It’s just garbage quality.

If you’ve ever considered purchasing blog traffic from companies like these, then please don’t. These guys are basically just scammers.

The only reason you would ever buy from these companies is if, for some reason, you needed to boost up your analytics numbers. But even then, an experienced marketer will know right away that this was purchased traffic.

So what kind of traffic should you buy then?

If you want to spend money on traffic, then you should only be doing so in the following places:

  • Social media ads like Facebook or Twitter.
  • StumbleUpon.
  • Google AdWords.
  • And other direct advertising platforms where you know exactly where that traffic is coming from.

On all these platforms, you’re advertising. With companies that sell you traffic, you’re not actually advertising to anybody. They’re just sending web traffic to your site that doesn’t mean anything.

The best platforms for most blogs and web businesses are Facebook and AdWords. You’re able to narrow down your targeting so that your advertisement shows exactly where you want, and who you want to see it.

Should you actually pay for ads though?

The answer is no for most people.

You shouldn’t spend money on ads until you have some sort of goal in place.

If your only goal is “to get more traffic” then you’ll just be wasting your money.

How to spend money for traffic profitably

The best way to spend money for traffic to your blog is to send leads into a sales funnel. If you have an email sales funnel that pitches a product at the end, and you know that a certain percentage of people who enter that funnel will become customers, you can start to calculate the profitability of your ads.

For example, let’s pretend that you have an email sales funnel that pitches a $500 product at the end.

You work out your conversion rate to be about 3%. That means that for every 100 people that joins that funnel, 3 people will end up buying.

If you’re spending $1 per signup with Facebook ads, that means it’s costing you $100 per 100 signups. But because 3 are converting to customers, you’re making $1500.

Now that’s a profitable ad! You’re spending $1 to make $15 back. In this case, you can keep pouring money into this paid traffic campaign knowing that it’s making you money every single day. You might even decide to invest more money into it each month to really scale it up.

Are you still considering buying web traffic?

After reading this tutorial, I hope I made you aware of how bad it is to pay for blog traffic. Do not purchase traffic from “web traffic sellers” and only buy ads on the web where you know exactly who you’re targeting.

Most people out there know this by now, but I still do get this question about once a month, which means people are still getting tricked by these companies. They’re 100% a scam.

Stay away from them, and spend your money elsewhere.


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    October 27, 2018 at 8:09 am

    Totally agree, work on SEO and great content, social signals, better all round in the long term

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      Chris Lee
      October 27, 2018 at 11:56 pm


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