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creating an about page

A lot of people neglect their about page. In fact, most about pages have just a few sentences and don’t really engage the reader.

If your About Page looks something like this, it’s time for a makeover.

Welcome to my website.

Our mission is to help people by creating awesome articles. It was founded in 1999.

We were featured in this site, this site, and this site.

Thanks for visiting!

That’s awful, but sadly it’s what most About Pages look like.

What’s the purpose of an about page?

Apart from the home page, the About Page is usually the most visited page on your blog. When people visit your site for the first time and like what they see, their next course of action is to check out what the site (and its owner) is all about.

Therefore, your About Page’s objective is two things:

1. To let them know what you’re all about.
2. To let them know they’re in the right place.
3. To get them to subscribe to your email list.

Ask them to subscribe

If you look at my own About Page on RankXL, you’ll notice that the first thing I do is ask them to subscribe to my newsletter.

Again, people usually come to your About Page when they’re interested in your blog and want to learn more about it. It’s the perfect time to get them to join your email list.

Tell them what you’re all about with a short biography

Nobody really cares where you went to elementary school, or that you graduated with honors from college.

What they’re actually interested in is learning more about how you can help them. What experiences or credentials do you have that would make them want to listen to you?

What can they relate to? Are you full of yourself or are you humble and genuine? Are you in it for the money, or do you want to help them?

In my own About Page, I don’t give a whole life’s story about myself. I just tell them what’s relevant to my blog’s topic: marketing.

The path I went through before getting to where I am now is really relatable, and it let’s them know that I know exactly where they are and what their ambitions are since I went through the same thing just a few years ago.

Let them know they’re in the right place

This is something I added in recently to RankXL to really differentiate myself from other blogs.

RankXL is in the online marketing industry. And that industry is huge. There are a lot of strategies and objectives for learning this stuff.

On my About Page, I clearly state who this blog and all of its content is for. I describe my target audience immediately, even before I talk about myself.

RankXL readers are interested in creating awesome content businesses. And I define that clearly in my about page.

Important things to remember

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your About Page.

Keep it casual
Don’t be so professional. People like following people they can relate to. Don’t use fancy words just for the sake of using them. Don’t overhype yourself. And just write as if you were introducing yourself in person.

Use “I” not “We” if it doesn’t make sense
If you’re a single author site, don’t try to make yourself sound bigger than you are by using “We” instead of “I” everywhere. It actually backfires because most people want to learn from other people they can trust, not a faceless company.

Use humour
Light humour is recommended. It makes the whole page much more enjoyable to read, and portrays a strong impression for you and your brand. If you see on my About Page, I’ve put in a picture of Dr.Evil to keep it light and interesting.

Have a call to action
For an About Page, your call to action is to get people to subscribe to your email list. I have 2 subscription forms on my page. One at the top and one at the very end, and it converts pretty well at over 5%. That means that for every 100 people who sees that page, 5 of them are submitting their email from that form. Over time, this adds up to a good amount.

Include a nice photo
This is optional, but definitely recommended. Having photos inside of an About Page makes it much more engaging.


Having a strong About Page for your blog is extremely important. Don’t just set it and forget it. Constantly go back and make changes as you learn about your readers and what they’re interested in.

For example, I changed my About Page about 3 times in the past 2 years. Not a whole lot, but every time I do, it gets better and better. It resonates better with readers, gets them more interested, and gets more email subscribers.

In short, it should make readers more excited about your brand than they were before they visited your page.

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