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HI, IT’S CHRIS. As part of the enrollment process, I ask every Authority SEO student what they thought about the course. I thought you might like to see their reasons for investing in this course and in themselves.

The comments are unedited and uncensored, except to remove personal identifying information.

The Rank XL Authority SEO provides a detailed grounding in setting up a website correctly with a view to achieving the best long term rankings. If you can get this right then it’s possible to avoid all the confusion and expense within the SEO marketplace put out by so called experts.

Overall, I would say that this is one of the best and most useful tutorials around today.

– Paul

I am new to building niche authority sites and SEO in general and Chris’s guide really helped me to get started in the right direction. I’m very much a believer of taking the long term view in whatever work I undertake and Chris’s philosophy for SEO and link building is right up my alley and preference for work/running businesses. This is not the usual shallow content internet courses that over promises but under deliver. It is also not an instant solution, get rich quick scheme. Real work has to be done and Chris has written a good guide on how to go about doing it step-by-step. While I am still in the planning stage for my work, I now have much more confident that my blog will work out well.

The best part is that this is a lifetime membership with free consultation. Somehow, I feel that Chris is undercharging for his work.

– Yee H.

I love the course and it’s perfectly aligned with my goals – a website that’s an authority in my niche, but also fairly passive.

I have to admit I have not fully implemented all the techniques yet, due to time restraints at this time of year with my day job, and just life in general, but I have little doubt that it will work.

That’s because I’ve seen it work on a smaller scale with one of my websites (by accident), but didn’t understand what was happening until I read through your course. I now know which direction to head, and where to focus my efforts. I’m currently in the process of adding more pillar articles, and improving the two that are already there.

The course itself is a fairly quick read, but its packed with straight-forward, no-fluff information which is very actionable, whether you’re just starting a website, or already have one that you want increase traffic and earnings.

I will also say that although my website earns very little right now, I did implement the AdSense layout tips and saw an increase in earnings right away! Again, earnings are very small, but by percentage, at least a 50% increase.

I will send in an update when I get more of the techniques implemented.

– Gil

This course was an eye opener for me. I was already having some income from AdSense, and I thought it was okay, but now I know that I could go much further, that my websites can become my well paying full time job. I began to use the knowledge from the course and was already able to almost double my AdSense income. And this is only the beginning, there are still so many things I need to do.

– Alexander

OK, I’m still new to RankXL since I just signed up in late Oct and right now, I’m still working on my 1st site using the RankXL system. But I can already see the difference between the quality of Chris’s material and other courses and IM blogs I’ve used, so I’ll offer my 2c here:

Most notably, Chris’s methods of networking with other webmasters for backlinks alone is 100% the price of the course! This is something I’ve often struggled with and having an IM world that’s dominated by shy geeks (myself included) who are afraid to reach out to others and ask for a small favor, Chris really blows past so many of the other gurus in this respect. Being able to effectively and ethically persuade other webmasters is probably one of the biggest takeaways from this course.

The course could use a forum or maybe a FB group but even in its current form, it’s well worth the price!

– JJ

While I’m still working on implementing this course across my sites, the information is excellent for the price. Chris does an amazing job of laying out the steps he takes to be successful in perfect order. I’d consider myself somewhat seasoned with SEO and in the online world (averaging 40-50k a year on the side of my day job) and I still found his guide to be informative and extremely valuable.

– Jason

Chris’ Rank XL course in a word is “excellent”.

– Don

The RankXL course came into my life a few months after I gave birth to my first child, so it was time to get serious (I wanted to stay and work from home with her!)

My thoughts of the course are as follows:
– Easy to consume theories, thoughts and actionable steps (even for this mom who has a few minutes at a time to read through this during the night)
– The modules are in-depth enough so you don’t over think and give up. Its a “do this, do that and why.”
– Plus having access to Chris for questions is a HUGE plus. He answers so quickly and thoroughly. (you can’t get this wrong)

I was able to achieve a launched website within a month after the research phase (very important) and a couple months later I have over 15 posts and growing (granted my time is limited with a baby). Not only that but I now have a well rounded idea of what it takes (the steps and all) to create a quality authority blog.


– Toki

I bought Chris Lee’s carefully-written Authority SEO to deepen my Adsense knowledge and find out what works best today where SEO is concerned. Having been around SEO since 2007, I have a good BS detector, and I can tell you Chris teaches the real thing. He’s very knowledgeable, explains things well, and is among those I trust for current, reliable information.

– Jessica

Solidly put together material from someone who has been in the trenches for years. Highly recommended.

– Jim

I’m a big fan of this course. It’s laid out brilliantly. You just come up with an idea or two, plug them into a step-by-step process, and in a few minutes you’ll know if your idea has potential. You then roll up your sleeves, put on a pot of coffee, and build something real. Then you add to it a little bit each week, and before you know it you own a giant asset that throws off real cash flow. Thanks for making the best course Chris!

– Dave

I have been working online since 2000, with a few hits and a few more misses. I like the idea of building a more substantial income with a larger longer lasting project. I may have a financial windfall coming soon of which I am going to take a portion and invest in two or three long term projects using your “blueprint”. Of course the most difficult obstacle is getting back links. I do not like finding them, researching them or asking for them. I am searching for a good long term solution. If you were to develop tools or even a service to tackle this issue and offer it to your list, wow a big hit. I will be looking forward to the new upgraded course.

I really wanted to see one of your personal sites but try as I may could not find one (you have hid them well), not to copy the niche ideas but just to see your full structure, maybe you could do a Lorem Ipsum mock site showing proper structure, also what do you think about Silo themes or set ups (question mark key broke:)

– Richard

It’s a new approach to adsense. I have made money back in the exact match domain name era and am looking forward to trying this method out for a couple months to see what happens.

Just that part about how to get real quality links was worth the price to me.

– William

I’m from Brazil and the course was excellent to systematize my SEO and Link Building strategies!


– Victor

I’m not new to Adsense. In fact, I started dabbling with blog sites and passive income with Adsense a long time ago. Back then it was quite easy. I could register an exact match domain name, post a few keyword-rich lousy articles and the money would start coming. At one point, I used a software to generate thousands of low quality pages and reached the highest income level of my Adsense venture. That was also the time I got kicked out from Adsense for breaking their rules.

I didn’t really tried Adsense again until a few years later. Now things are different. It’s much harder to game the system. You need to have authority sites with good quality information. I didn’t know how to go about creating an authority site. Then I came across the RankXL course and was impressed with the income reports. I signed up and learned a lot of new stuff, like how to get genuine backlinks to boost your ranking power.

Now I’m back on track again and more determined than ever to earn a full-time income from blogging, thanks to the RankXL Authority SEO.

– Alex

I’ve spent A LOT of time in the digital space as a client service provider and I’ve been around the block once over, however, I did not of Chris before I got an email from a very trusted source who championed Chris and his methods.

I took my friends word for it and took the plunge. Chris is the real deal!!! His method for ranking, content creation, and ranking is clear, actionable, and friggen works! In fact, I’ve used some of his methods in my own profession in the agency world and its performing like gang busters.

Thanks Chris for the insightful and very above reproach approach to SEO and ranking. I’m excited to utilize more of what I learn from you on my own personal sites to generate my own passive stash of cash. But for now, its done wonders for my clients which also makes my bank account just as happy as well 🙂

Thanks man!

– Rob

If you publish a niche website, RankXL is a must-have course in your arsenal.

Anyone earning 5 figures per month profit from SEO and Adsense will teach you something. I’ve been a niche publisher for years and RankXL gave me many great ideas I’ve implemented in my blogs.

The course is well structured. Chris keeps it simple, sticking to niche selection, SEO and Adsense monetization. It’s brilliantly simple. Perfect for people just starting out as well as grizzled veteran niche publishers.

When it comes to blogs monetized with Adsense, Chris is one of the top guys to pay attention to.

If you like the idea of building out a niche website business, get RankXL and do what Chris says. It’s based on real results, which is key. When I learned he was making 5 figures per month with white hat SEO and Adsense, I was sold.

RankXL includes a sample niche throughout which makes it easy to understand. Each section is illustrated with the niche example. Chris also sets out what to avoid, which I found helpful too.

– Jon

What did you think about the course? If you are trying to TAKE YOUR NICHE BUILDING into the next level or JUST WANT TO START OUT. This course is perfect. It helps you get to be familiar in HOW PROFITABLE NICHES work. This course HELPED ME IN BEING ABLE TO KNOW THE BASICS BEFORE I BUILD A WEBSITE. Also you will get TACTICS NOT ONLY HOW TO FIND BUT ALSO REACHING OUT to prospective LINKS that will greatly help your website.

Follow this course and you will learn a lot along the way.

Thanks Chris.

– Johann

Chris provides super actionable information in his course and it’s all very easy and enjoyable to read and understand. Though I’ve just started to apply the knowledge I learned through the course on my own site, I’ve already seen great results and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Thanks for the help, Chris! I can’t wait for the course update to go live… 🙂 RANKXL DELIVERS THE GOODS!

– Eric

RankXL’s Authority SEO taught me valuable lessons on doing email outreach for links. The course is broken down into smaller modules which is very easy to digest too. I’d highly recommend RankXL’s Authority SEO to anyone who’s new to building niche and authority websites.

– Tung

Chris has developed one of the best courses on SEO & blog building. If you want clarity of thought, step-by-step actions, and want to learn what works and what doesn’t in building sites for the longterm – I highly recommend RankXL. We’re currently building a new site using his strategies and techniques – and with his help, we’ll short cut the process to a few months rather than years…

– J Paul

Rank XL is a very straightforward step by step tutorial on how to properly build an adsense site for the long term. I love the actionable content without a lot of fluff. Chris is the real deal and that comes through in the course. Thanks for really delivering!

– Lonnie

Where some courses have frills and fluff to look valuable, RankXl is surprisingly simple. This simplicity is elegant – Chris’ work is easy enough for a beginner to follow, yet contains many smart SEO and content planning techniques.

The core is compact enough to stand alone, yet care has been taken to create extra updates and materials to flesh out the learning experience. This is the work of a craftsman, with the heart of a good teacher.

– Evan

I believe RankXL is the best method for building your business. Chris Lee has it down to a science. You will see what I mean when you dive into his course. His take on keyword research is refreshingly different and very powerful. He also shows you how to determine if you can compete against other sites. No worries, because in most cases, you can blow your competition away. Follow his course and soon you will see, first hand, just how powerful a site you can build.

He goes into details throughout the course which further proves the value of RankXL. This is a method of building your site that will be truly strong and long term.

Still, if you are not sure whether to purchase RankXL or not, let me put your mind at ease. His blog posts on additional training is probably worth the RankXL price by itself. For example, one of his latest posts was “A Step-By-Step Formula To Boost Traffic Using A Viral Content Strategy”.

Yes, RankXL is that good! My opinion is, if you are serious about your online business, this will be the best money you could ever spend.

– Larry

Authority SEO really rock in fact, I’ve never seen any course on the internet that is easy to follow like this one. The truth is that i don’t really have the right word to qualify it and i will urge anyone that is eager to create a successful and life changing blog to go ahead and try this course because you will not regret it and its worth every penny you will pay for it.

Keep the ball rolling Chris.

– Theodore

This was introduced to me by a fellow personal friend and marketer. I’ve always liked the idea of passive income, and blogs, but never felt you could really make any money with ad-sense. Boy, was I wrong… After purchasing the course (more than I usually ever spend, but WORTH every penny), my eyes were opened. Chris could have been a school teacher (yes, I was one), as he truly knew how to relay the message of the course. Although in some sections, I needed more in depth insight (I tend to over-analyze), I was truly impressed with the depth of information provided. It was broken down into very digestible and easy to understand sections. I’ve been thru the book 3 times, have 3 colors of markers, and page flags everywhere. Honestly, I’ve never seen a more in depth course.

It’s truly helped me to achieve the solid ground to find a profitable niche, research it, and strive to make it the best information on the net for my niche. Also, the nuts and bolts of putting a true “business” together, that can’t do anything but grow. Affiliate marketing is great to start out with, but it’s the same work over and over and over. Nothing truly passive like this course.

I’ve learned much about true SEO, research, how to analyze the competition (not so much the competition sites, but is the niche viable for the long run), stake a game plan, and stick to it. Renewed my hope, after all the Google updates, and reassured me, the search engines will actually love me for what I put out.

Chris’s customer support is the best I’ve ever experienced in 6 years of learning the online world. He is one of the few, that truly supports, and isn’t afraid to reveal exactly what he does… I’ve always gotten an answer within 12-24 hours, answering my questions in depth.

Would recommend to ANYONE looking to develop a true long term business online. My sister is looking to retire from teaching after 1 more year. She is excited about being able to learn this Authority SEO also! She feels she’ll make more money than she ever did teaching!

Thx Chris, for all your hard work man…

– Allen

Ok Here’s the thing there is a gazzillion resources out there to do with having advertising on your site provide an income.

I like RankXL because it is updated and you can ask questions and get a reply.

It is also well laid out. I find sometimes if there is to much information to go through it can be very overwhelming.

– Al

Without any doubt, it is one of the best course about creating blogs. Although it is promoted as an Adsense centric course yet the knowledge works with any monetization method be it amazon; clickbank; or so. Chris is teaching the real skill. It is one of my wisest investment. 🙂

– Ajay

I always wanted to take this course. Not because I didn’t know how to build websites but to be sure I knew what I was doing. I finally took the course after I sold my niche website and most of the strategies I used to grow the website to 400,000 monthly visits are discussed in details by Chris. It’s like giving it all away really. After taking the course, I have learnt new techniques that are already reaping huge benefits on my new project. Also, I like how the whole course is centered around the Adsense model. If you take this course and put in the work required, you will finally understand what people mean by passive income. Keep up the good work Chris!

– Olaniyi

The Course is amazing. Everything is split in what people find more simple to follow, although you need to add more info to the first module as it is the most important to me, what posts should we be adding to our blogs and where to find article ideas and keywords. Other than that, the course is already filled up with all the knowledge we need to have about starting a profitable blog.

– Genti

A comprehensive course that bear results. I’d recommend it.

– Boris

I’ve completed most of the course – I think it’s excellent. I really appreciate the fact that your advice isn’t based around PBNs and gray hat techniques and you’re always advising people to look at it for the long term, to do the hard work of producing good content that people will want to read, and that will stand the test of time. You’re advising people to build legitimate businesses, not get rich quick schemes. I also think the advice itself is easy to read, easy to follow, and you keep complex content simple. Great job!

– John

What a brilliant course! Just follow the step-by-step blueprint, be consistent and enjoy the income streams. Patience is required, but the long-term payoff is incredible. Imagine owning sites that increase in value year over year instead of being hammered by Penguins and Pandas and Zombies. Thanks for your help Chris!

– Dave

Where to start…this is an excellent course: detailed, specific, and actionable. Well worth the money, plus Chris has been good about answering questions by e-mail. Highly recommend! Thanks, Chris!

– Richard

I liked that it was all laid out so you can go at your own pace and I am a person who likes to read instead of slogging through videos, ( though a option with videos could be nice for some aspects) course is straight forward and clearly written . I have gone through it a couple times

– Don

Great course for building long lasting, strong online businesses. All explained well and this course is a value.

– R. Johnson

While it takes time to develop an Authority site (and longer to rank depending on your SEO efforts), Chris has put together a solid course that clearly guides you to build a real site to be proud of!

– Kelly

Great course, certain parts need updating and support could be a little less vague and more detailed for most questions. Overall solid course

– Kelly

The course is a great introduction to the world of authority sites. Without this course I wouldn’t know where to start. The only thing holding me back is myself. Up to me now to determine my success.

I think the next version of this course should have a search bar. I’ve had to go back and search for certain things.

– Steven

Chris is the man! His course if aptly retitled would be “SEO Best Practices (no, seriously) – Step-by-Step”

– Christopher

The Authority SEO gave me a channel to find a niche, Basic SEO settings and a good layout. In the past, I only know how to build websites, or even find profitable keywords, not optimized, now I know how to do it, even though my English is not good, Writing articles outsourcing, but you are really a timely rain of iwrite samples! I hope the tutorial will soon add more content.

– Tingting

Hello Chris Lee!

Your course is just excellent.You teach me how to find a niche, how to do keyword research, how to build backlinks, how to create an authority site from scratch. I learned how to do SEO the right way. So the course really benefits to me.

I learned a lot from it, thank you for your great work!

– Hugo

If you are thinking of building a blog, Chris Lee’s “Rank XL Authority SEO” is all you need. The course is entirely different from similar courses on the market. It stands out through clear, step-by-step instructions in logical order. Chris didn’t leave anything out. No fluff at all, only good content. Rank XL will help you create an online asset with significant potential.

– Erich

I think the course is great. Especially the onsite seo things helped me a lot. Thank you for it.

– Petr

The only blog creation guide you will ever need.

– Harry

The RankXL course has given me so much value!
Even though I don’t use adsense as an advertising platform, the information is transferable across many different kinds of websites and much of the current success I’m having is due to the principles and learning from the course. Highly recommended for anyone with a long-term mindset towards websites, SEO and online marketing.

– Faraz

I’ve taken many online courses in the past, but Chris’ RankXL Authority SEO is by far the most actionable courses I’ve ever taken. In the span of an afternoon, I went from knowing absolutely nothing about SEO and authority blogs to having a solid understanding and even better, a proven strategy and plan for implementation. I’m working on my first pillar post right now, and I’m really excited about all the business possibilities once my blog is driving some serious traffic. In conclusion, Chris really knows his stuff and it is well worth your time and money to invest in this course and take your SEO and blogging game to the next level.

– Jamie

Without hesitation, I boldly assert that Chris Lee’s Authority SEO 3.0 is the most complete, well-written, and insightful SEO resource that I’ve ever reviewed.

I’ve spent countless hours trying to learn how to optimize sites from a multitude of vendors, and while some guides have been helpful, Chris’s material exceeds the highest professional standards where he uniquely manifests such attention-to-detail and clarity of expression.

He does not overwhelm the reader and presents important SEO facets in digestible segments. Moreover, Chris follows a methodical and logical sequence, slowly, yet powerfully, building the reader’s base of SEO knowledge.

It’s as almost as if Chris anticipates readers’ questions, and answers them proactively. Despite his PHD-equivalent expertise on the subject, he writes with the newcomer in mind, covering the whole kit and caboodle of optimization, from Step A through Z.

He expounds on how to select a niche, conduct keyword research, perform competition analysis, organize an SEO-friendly site, create authority posts that Google and the other search engines will love, generate the most effective internal and external links, capitalize on AdSense, and the list goes on and on.

Although Authority SEO 3.0 is perfect for those hoping to find a handsome stream of AdSense revenue (I think Chris has already surpassed the $20K a month figure!), the product is invaluable for anyone who wants to learn about SEO and implement optimization methods that work. (Every time I incorporate Chris Lee’s suggestions, my sites’ rankings elevate and additional traffic results.)

An added plus: Chris updates his course so that it reflects the most recent SEO preference shifts, algorithm changes, and the best, most current SEO tools available.

Further kudos should be extended to Chris because he is actually accessible. He has answered all questions that I’ve posed to him in a timely manner.

Count me in as Chris Lee’s most ardent fan and supporter, convinced that he possesses an array of SEO techniques and methods that work in the real world. Again, his customer support is also top-notch.

You should not delay in purchasing Authority SEO 3.0 because, for once, you have a ‘Bright, shiny object’ that really shines and illuminates knowledge … and actually lives up (and surpasses) discriminating marketers’ expectations.

Going out on a limb, I would also assert that this will be the only SEO product that you will need to buy.

Chris knows the way to the Affiliate Promised land. You just have to follow him!

Warmest Regards,
Annie Lax

– Annie

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