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An Advanced Playbook For Growing Blogs Into Ultra Profitable Businesses

How I plan, start, build, and rapidly grow profitable blogs from zero to 6-figures.

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I’ve been building and growing blogs full-time for five years now. And what I’ve learned over the last few years is that the way people are building blogs is very inefficient.

They have a goal of building it into “X dollars per month” but have no idea what to do to get there. As a result, they waste a lot of time on unnecessary things.

This book is about how to achieve rapid blog growth, and how to understand and use the business model of blogging to your advantage. It will teach you how to approach blogging in a completely different way than you may be used to.

Why blogs?

There are so many different ways to make money online, why should I blog? There’s no other business model quite like blogging. You have 100% control over the pace of growth (It can be almost 100% automated, and it can be scaled rapidly). You also are able to build a long-term, sustainable business (something I care about deeply). And lastly, you’re building an asset you can later sell.

If your blog is in an industry you’re passionate about, building the blog doesn’t even feel like work. It’s one of the most rewarding things to build a top resource in your niche and becoming the authority brand for the topic you care about most.

Also, as you’ll learn in the book, blogging gives you more financial upside than almost any other business model. You’re able to put all the income into your pocket while you’re running it, and then sell it for a large payday (around 3x yearly earnings) at the end when you want. If you get good at building blogs, you can reap from this cycle over and over again.

Why you should listen to me.

I run a blogging business full time. I’ve been working in the SEO industry for close to ten years, and I know what makes sites rank and drive traffic.

I’ve publicly grown RankXL from zero to $130,000 in the first year it was launched, grew a $10,000/month site with ads in just 8 months, and have built 3 different blogs from zero to 100,000 visitors per month with search.

This book is my brain dump.

It contains everything I’ve learned over the years, and all the strategies and processes I use in my own blogging businesses. As a business owner, I’m in the trenches everyday experimenting with all sorts of new and weird strategies.

This book is an organized compilation of my entire experience building, running, and growing a blogging business from scratch.

Feel free to take what’s inside, use it, and copy it however you please.

What’s Inside

A 170 pages ebook delivered in PDF format. You’ll also get a log-in to access special bonuses.

💡 The Blogging Business Model

Getting your feet wet. An introduction to building blogging businesses. We’re not building regular old blogs here. I’ll outline the game plan we’re going to be following and the upsides of following it.

🔬 Finding A Profitable Niche

I’ll show you how to find profitable niches that are worth pursuing. People make finding niches way more complicating than it needs to be. It only needs to align with your interest + have big enough market size. We’ll go through exactly what to look for and how to make your decision.

⚖️ Analysis, Research, And Planning

In this chapter, we’ll go through keyword research, competitor analysis, and planning your site. Every blog starts with a well thought out game plan. I’ll show my exact process for identifying gaps in your niches and how to formulate a content plan to attack them.

💌 Email Marketing & List Building

Email marketing and building an email list can drastically increase your site’s growth and monthly revenue. I’ll show you how I use email for my blogs.

💸 Monetization & Making Money

Optimizing monetization is one of the easiest and quickest ways to double your revenue. I’ll show you the 4 most profitable ways to make money from a blog, and how to decide which one to use.

⛓ Link Building & Driving Traffic

My background is in SEO. My entire history with blogging and current projects are all based on using SEO to drive search traffic. I’ll show you what it takes to grow blogs past the 100,000 visitors per month mark with search.

📋 Wrap Up: Your Game Plan

The growth stages of a blog. One of the biggest differentiators between pro bloggers and beginners is that they fully understand the life cycle process that every blog goes through. I’ll show you exactly what to expect when starting a new blog.

🎁 BONUS VIDEO CONTENT: Monetizing Your Email List, Building Products, Running Product Launches, And Building Sales Funnels

As part of your purchase, you’ll also get a unique log-in code to access exclusive video content. If you want to make money with building your own products, running product launches, and building evergreen sales funnels, you’ll get complete video tutorials on this part.

Video tutorials include:
👉🏼 How to build a product
👉🏼 How to build a sales page
👉🏼 How to collect payments and automate product delivery
👉🏼 How to run a product launch
👉🏼 The exact word-for-word emails I used for RankXL product launches that generated over $100,000
👉🏼 Live walkthrough: Building a 6-figure evergreen sales funnel from scratch

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